Magic curls....

Magic curls.... with a curling wand.

Sometimes you have that one event, date or get together and you want big bouncy curls ... fast! In that case a curling wand might help. With a curling wand you can create big, medium or small curls depending on your taste. NOTE: Using the curling wand means applying heat directly to your hair, so minimize heat damage by using a heat protectant serum and not leaving your hair wrapped around the curling wand for too long.

On Cleher (model pictured) I used a medium sized curling wand to give her big curls. This was all done in 20 minutes (I know shocking!!). Cleher is 'transitioning' from chemically treated hair to natural hair. Welcome to the natural hair club doll !!

To achieve this look, you must have dry, detangled hair. Separate hair in 4 big sections. As you work your way through each section you take small chunks of hair and begin wrapping the hair around the wand. You start wrapping at the root of your hair at the base of the wand and wrap the hair around the wand until it reaches the outer end of the wand. When you have curled all of your hair, shake your curls for a more voluminous look. Enjoy trying this look out!


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