Oils and Coils

Oils and Coils....

Having wavy or curly hair, you probably heard or read numerous times, that oils are a must have for any type of curls. We are here to inform you a bit about why oils are important for your curly hair, what kind of oils there are, and which oil or oils might possibly work best for you.

Oils for hair

There are quite a few options when it comes down to oils that will greatly help retain moisture in your hair. It is important to know that not all oils are created the same. Oils can be categorized into Essential Oils and Carrier Oils.

Essential oils

These are oils which usually have a strong distinctive scent because of the plant which they are extracted from. These oils are considered 'volatile' and are most commonly extracted from the non-seed sections of the plants. Because they are highly concentrated only a few drops are recommended.


Tea tree oil- to combat dandruff

Rosemary oil- to stimulate hair growth

Lavender oil- to treat a dry scalp

Peppermint oil- to treat an itchy scalp and to stimulate hair growth.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils get their name based on the fact that they carry the essential oil onto to the skin or hair. They are also known as oils derived from seeds or nuts. Such oils are best used as natural as possible. No need for dilution (mixing with water or other solvent). Carrier oils are frequently used as a great source of moisture.


Coconut Oil- has a high dosage of Vitamin-E and Vitamin K and minerals such as Iron.

Coconut oil is considered one of the best natural nutrition for hair. It is known to be an excellent conditioner and promotes re-growth of damaged hair.

Jojoba Oil- is excellent for scalp issues. It is also great for all hair types and has an ability to inhibit excess activity of the sebaceous glands making it the perfect choice for people with oily scalps that still need conditioning.

Olive Oil- is known to prevent as well as treat hair loss and strengthen the hair cuticles. It contains antioxidants that promotes a healthy hair and scalp.

Luckily for you there are numerous Carrier and Essential Oils to choose from. You could first see which issues you are having with your hair and scalp to then determine which oil or combination of oils would best fit with you hair care regimen. It is recommended to always mix an Essential Oil with a Carrier Oil for best results.


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