Having a beautiful family herritage which stems from latin american countries like Brazil and Colombia to caribbean islands including St. Lucia, Aruba and our birthplace Sint Maarten, also means (in our case) having mixed hair. 

It was always a hassle growing up to get our hair done. Whether it was a hot comb, relaxing or roller set, it always meant spending a whole day at the neighbourhood salon.


I remember wanting to have hair that required less maintenance. At the age of 13 I made the dreadful decision to relax my hair. After 10 years of relaxing my hair, the urge to explore my own natural hair took over and I had my 'big chop' in 2007. So did my sister. We never looked back. The journey of getting to know our hair has been an amazing one. We would try many products out, have bad and good hairdays, compliments and yes criticism too. Some products work better for me than for her and vice versa.


Every compliment and criticism made us love our hair even more.  We bonded even more through our hair journeys. We are who we are, hair included.  


We hope someday that this site might inspire you to accept and love your natural hair the way it is,

because every single curl is beautiful. 



MiMi & XiNi